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Our Vision is to be the industry leader in innovation by continually setting the highest standards in Quality and Service.


At Northeast Foods, our mission is to exceed customer expectations through a continuous improvement process; that includes leveraging our employee and supplier resources.

daily objective

100% Customer Satisfaction through consistent, predictable, high quality products.


In the early 1960's John Paterakis and Ray Kroc shook hands. This simple act between two business visionaries was the catalyst behind creating Northeast Foods, a state-of-the-art bakery division specializing in baking and serving multi-chain casual dining operations. In 1965, the Athens Automatic Rolls plant opened in Baltimore as Northeast Foods' first fully automated roll plant further establishing their parent company, H&S Bakery, as a major presence.

The story of H&S Bakery reads like a classic American success story. It is a tale of the Paterakis and Tsakalos families, who came from Greece to make a new and better life. Isadore "Steve" Paterakis came to America in 1921 with wife, Kyriaki and daughters Despina and Liberty. Their son John was born in 1929. Also emigrating from Greece were Roanthi and Nicholas Tsakalos, whose son Harry married Liberty Paterakis.

After this union merged the two families, Harry and Steve, for whom H&S is named, opened their new bakery for business in 1943. They started by making Italian bread by hand and baking it in an old brick flat-hearth oven.

When John Paterakis was 23, he inherited his father's interest in the bakery. H&S Bakery was incorporated in 1962, setting its sights on the rapidly growing food service industry in which it also plays a dominant role today.

Still family owned and operated, Northeast Foods and H&S Bakery have nine divisions operating in seven states, with distribution in 23 states and still growing. The company is made up of more than 2,000 employees systemwide, in addition to a fleet of 110 delivery vans and more than 200 tractor-trailers.

Lured to America by a dream for a better life, the family continues to give back to the people that helped make it possible for them to realize their dreams. Northeast Foods and H&S Bakery continue to thrive because its people share Harry & Steve's same core values of hard work, dedication to community and pride of achievement.

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