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At the time of hiring, all employees are required to acknowledge and agree to the need for confidentiality. This agreement requires employees to keep confidential any company-related information they may acquire or become aware of through working at Northeast Foods. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, trade secrets, processes, formulas, data, procedures, discoveries, developments, designs, improvements, inventions, techniques, marketing plans, strategies, forecasts, new products, unpublished financial statements, budgets, projections, licenses, prices, costs, customer and suppliers' lists, and customer information regarding sales. Such confidential information has been created, discovered, or developed by, or has otherwise become known to Northeast Foods, or is information in which property rights have been assigned or otherwise conveyed to Northeast Foods.

Employees shall not disclose or discuss confidential information with anyone outside the company without written permission of the President or the Board of Directors. Under no circumstances are materials, documents or other information designated as confidential or restricted to be removed from Northeast Foods' premises without the prior express permission of the President or a member of the Board of

At the discretion of management, certain employees may be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement or other documents related to confidentiality and restrictions for competition. In these instances, the employee's willingness to enter into such an agreement shall be considered a condition of employment, or continued employment, and unwillingness by the employee to enter into such an agreement will be cause for termination or withdrawal of any offer of employment.

A breach of confidentiality may result in discipline up to and including immediate termination.


Northeast Foods assures equal employment opportunity in all its policies regarding recruiting, compensation, hiring, benefits, training, promotion, layoff and recall practices.

Employment opportunities will be administered without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital or handicap status where such elements do not represent a bona fide occupational qualification. Northeast Foods will give full consideration to any qualified individual who may be considered handicapped or disabled.

All management personnel are responsible to give this policy of nondiscrimination full support through demonstrated leadership and personal example. Further, all managers are given charge to create a work environment which is conducive to our nondiscrimination policies.

The following represents the basic concepts of equal employment opportunity as regarding employment policies and practices at Northeast Foods, Inc.


Northeast Foods, Inc. will consider all qualified applicants for all job categories. The company will not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, age, etc. in any job category.

The company will utilize recruiting and referral sources, which provide diversity in applicants for employment.

Placement, Promotion & Transfer

Placement, promotion and transfer activities will be monitored to assure full consideration is given to all qualified minority group and female candidates.

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